American Heart Month


With February being American Heart Month, it should be known that good oral health can contribute to a healthy heart. There can be many signs leading to gum disease and we want to make sure our patients are aware and paying attention to these changes that can occur.

Did you know chronic gum conditions such as periodontal disease and gingivitis correlate with cardiovascular diseases?

The same bacteria associated with those gum conditions can enter the bloodstream and attach to the blood vessels increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. There are multiple factors that contribute to chronic gum conditions. Along with bleeding gums and inflammation, plaque-the soft sticky stuff that adheres around the gum line-all correlates. Most individuals would think plaque wouldn’t be a contributing factor, however, plaque is the housing component for the bacteria.

A preventative measure to reduce the risk of chronic gum conditions would be, but not limited to, are good oral hygiene, regular dental examinations, brushing and flossing twice a day as well as using an ADA-accepted toothpaste.

Being compliant with these preventative measures can protect yourself from developing the connection between chronic gum conditions and cardiovascular diseases.

So, keep taking care of your teeth and know that you can always ask your dentist if you have questions about anything! And remember, good teeth is a good start to a healthy heart.