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Clocking In Our ‘After Hours’ Minutes

the crew creating their boards

Do you smell that? The freshly baked rolls so warm they could melt in your mouth with the perfect dollop of cinnamon butter. Add some steak and BBQ chicken served with veggies, a sweet potato, or some mashed potatoes. That is what kicked our night off, the smells and tastes brought to you by Texas Roadhouse.

Kendall Jackson also showed up to our second annual holiday party, but we ran him out. (wink wink) Thanks to Dr. Holt and @joyfullymade, we got our creative juices flowing for a night of fun outside (not quite literally) the office. We stained, we sanded, and then we painted.

After hours party Our night included Holt Dental staff, Dr. Stuart, and daughter-in-law Kelly. We each got to choose our own design to transfer to a home décor-size wooden board. Our crew had a mixture of Christmas theme, quotes and song lyrics. New mom Kelly gave a 4-and-a-half-star review with her laughable “would poop here again” sign. Dr. Holt unfortunately couldn’t participate because of one word. Back. (Her sign wouldn’t be complete without it.) So, instead she cheered us on while working on her own annual ornament craft, the cute little gingerbread men shown.

Dr. Holt's Gingerbread men


After adding our final touches, our cups were dry just like our boards, so the night came to an end. While the boards were all hung by the chimney with care, we hoped and we hoped that St. Nick would be there.