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10 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season


I’m still not sure if spring is the “best” season just because us Mid-westerners are itching for the sun and warm weather, or because it really is the best season. Either way, here are our top ten reasons why Spring can be the best season.

1. All the cute baby animals come out. Dr. Holt likes “all the baby animals, the wildlife comes awake.”

2. You can get rid of all your winter layers and start dressing in those cute clothes you’ve been saving!

3. More daylight and more energy.

4. You can enjoy outdoor activities, especially gardening. “I like gardening because it gets me outside and I love being outside. It’s good to get some of that Vitamin D,” says Lyn.

5. Amish country shopping – they make the best furniture and “always looking for those handmade treasures,” adds Megan.

6. Perfect temperatures, not too hot and not too cold.

7. Concert season. Hannah likes going to concerts because “there are so many people who come together for a night to enjoy some good music.”

8. Flowers! Anna says that “Spring flowers smell so much better than summer flowers. Some summer flowers don’t have a scent.”

9. Crisp smell in the air and fresh breezes. Lyndsay thinks “the fresh cut grass that reminds me of the warm weather coming.”

10. It’s a great time to explore nature and be adventurous.

Did we miss one of your favorite parts of Spring? Let us know by sharing what you think below! 🙂